Animated Google Advertisements

Usource Energy Consultants

These animated designs were created for paid Google advertising. The original advertisements were created as still images in Adobe Illustrator.

After finalizing the copy, layout, and creative direction, the files were brought into Photoshop in order to animate the layers.

Animated Logo for Social Media

Taste of Allston, Allston Village Main Streets (Non-profit)

In 2022 I volunteered with the non-profit organization Allston Village Main Streets to help promote their largest annual public event, the “Taste of Allston”. This event is outdoors each year and provides the neighborhood with free samples of food from dozens of Allston restaurants along with live music on a main stage.

Advertisements through flyers, social media posts, and email marketing create awareness about the cause and offerings of the event. Due to the organization being mostly volunteer-based, it is not easy to create a flexible and responsive strategy for advertising and creative outreach. These animated logos were created as an easy way for businesses, volunteers, and visitors to share their Taste of Allston experiences on social media with colorful and consistent branding.

By searching for “Taste of Allston” or “AVMS” in Instagram (or Meta)’s creator panel, one could quickly add easy, colorful branding to social media posts. The ease of these animated logos helped volunteers and other event organizors to snap pictures and keep active social media presence while running the event:

Above: Screenshots of Instagram’s creator mode

Typographic Movie Trailer

Project for undergraduate study in Graphic Design

This project was completed as a part of my undergraduate studies in Graphic Design. The video is a mock movie trailer for a sci-fi/drama film and exercises skill in typography and aesthetics in Adobe After Effects.

Emmanuel College (Class of ‘18)
B.F.A. in Graphic Design

3.5 GPA
Studio Monitor, Teachers Assistant, and Peer Tutor for the college’s Art Department, Student Ambassador for an exchange program between Emmanuel College and the Bauhaus University in Germany

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