Living Icons

Iconography // Motion Design // Augmented Reality

Exploration in iconography, motion design, and creative software.

Mobile users with Instagram:

Lessons learned from Meta SparkAR Studio:


Building from scratch means freedom and control. But a technical understanding of how connections are made between design, device, and end-user is what really matters. Storyboarding establishes connections early on in the design process.

Most AR experiences are better with fewer restrictions.

What begins as a great concept for a new filter can quickly become a hassle for designer and end user. Experiences should not be over-complicated or interfere with the end user’s ability to express themselves.

Coding experience not required.

The software’s user interface is aesthetically similar to Adobe Photoshop with an upgraded visual hierarchy for different asset types. The design process that I learned to follow within this software reminded me somewhat of Adobe Dreamweaver and AfterEffects. Following tutorials, reading guides, and navigating Meta’s technical guidance glossary helped me get un-stuck many times.